Daniel Gilberto Mojica Londoño also known as Rendo, is an artist and designer born in 1990 in Bogotá, the city where he began his career as an artist. During his childhood, he was always in a mood for curiosity and constant movement, his parents always supported his wishes at all. When he was just a teenager he had his firsts clients in muralism and got the first prize for his work as a Graffiti Artist with Snickers (Chocolate Bar Company).

Althougth he does not have any official professional degree, he studied for more than 4 semesters in 4 different academies and 2 different cities (fine arts, engineering design, and graphic design), his studies still continue everyday. Rendo constantly asks questions about space and matter, and this is where his work begins the search.

Without pause he continues forging his artistic and design proposal, and consequently in 2014 he traveled to Tokyo, Japan to receive an award in packaging design with those who at the time were his bosses. Later he presents his talk at Tedx Medellín about the resignations he has made to achieve each objective, the year later in 2015 he founded his first design company Serif Inc Along with Esteban Zuluaga from where after 4 years he decided to leave to continue with his purpose.

In 2019 he makes his first exhibition in Guadalajara Mexico invited by Ledania, and thus continues to develop his proposal as an artist. Ten years after arriving to Medellín, he began working at his own firm Rendo Industries, a company that he founded with the intention of channeling all his expressions, his purpose, creating his own work and working for different brands. Until today he has worked for clients in Medellin and around the world like Wework, Chef Burger, Nicky Jam, Tedx, Alcaldía de Medellín, Click Clack hotel, Dgroupe, Breakfast Club, American Eagle, Haceb, Selina, Kalley Hogar, Chevignon, Holss, and has managed to bring his work on different kind of surfaces.